Principal Hall Update

Dear Parents,

So much has happened since our last update. The planning for the new Dilworth Elementary School: Sedgefield Campus/Latta Campus is moving along nicely. Energy is high and everyone is excited about the upcoming school year. There is a tremendous amount of good news to share.

Successful Open House Welcomes Students to Both Campuses
On March 22nd, our campuses opened their doors to allow families an opportunity to visit both sites and meet our amazing team of teachers. The turnout was remarkable and the positive atmosphere was invigorating. The children were eager to explore their new campus and quickly located the gym, café, and media center.

In an effort to ensure that all students are prepared for the next school year, counselors and administrators from each of the schools affected by the upcoming changes, met with our children to provide information about their new school or campus. It was wonderful to see the smiles on students’ faces as they heard about their new facility, the school’s traditions and special events. The administrative teams from Marie G. Davis, Dilworth, Sedgefield, and First Ward Elementary Schools are all working together to make sure the transition for all students is smooth and seamless.

Dilworth Cares Selects the New Dilworth as Its Partner
We are thrilled to announce that Dilworth Cares has selected our “new” school as their non-profit partner for the next two years. It is our hope that through their ongoing communication across our communities, that we will be better able to share all the great things happening at both of our campuses. Plans to make improvements to the courtyard on the Sedgefield campus will now be possible as the result of the financial support provided through this partnership. We hope to create an outdoor interactive learning environment, complete with raised planting stations, butterfly gardens, and a raised ant farm.

Increased Reading and Tutoring Support For Both Campuses
We are extremely fortunate to have a large number of programs at both Dilworth and Sedgefield to support our struggling readers. I have spoken with the coordinators of all programs and secured a commitment for the upcoming school year. For the Love of Reading, Augustine Reading and the Learning Buddies program will continue next school year. Additionally, the youth of MPUMC will continue to bring tutoring to our students through the CHAMPS program.

Important School Traditions Will Continue
Students from both Dilworth and Sedgefield were surveyed and asked to report which traditions are most meaningful to them at their respective schools. Across both campuses students prioritized family events such as the Fall Festival, family dances, Muffins with Mom or Donuts with Dads as those that are most important to them. Events like the musical performances, the art shows, as well as the opportunity to go on field trips, were all cited as their most memorable experiences. Every effort will be made to honor the traditions of both schools as we become one school family.

School Mascot and Colors Have Been Decided
We are excited to announce that the mascot of the new Dilworth Elementary School: Sedgefield/Latta Campus will be the Dragon. Sir Learns A Lot, who looks much like the SES Wildcat, will be the keeper of the Dragon. Our school colors will incorporate the green currently used at Dilworth with the light blue currently used at Sedgefield. The Dragon House tradition will be implemented at both campuses. All new dragons will choose their stone to determine the dragon house family they’ll join.

Exciting Staffing News for the New School
The school expects most of our teachers to return next school year. Based on our preliminary enrollment projections, our certified positions are fully staffed. We are excited to announce that both campuses will have fulltime special area teachers. Additionally, we have been allotted three counselors and a social worker to provide support to our students during this transition. We are excited to announce that both campuses will retain our Math and Literacy Facilitators.

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress as we build the new Dilworth Elementary School. I look forward to a successful 2018-2019 school year.

Terry Cerio Hall
Dilworth Elementary School
Sedgefield/Latta Campuses