2018 Donor List

Thank you to these Tip the Scales supporters of the New Dilworth Elementary School:

The NEW Dilworth Elementary Family Supporters


Keith and Amanda Anderson

Anna and Brad Anglemyer

Ryan and Tiffany Apple

Laura and David Archibald

Marcos & Haley Arellano

Tom and Kim Ashcraft

Todd and Jamie Ashworth

Ashley and Chad Askew

Christian Paola Avila

Cheri and Mike Barden

Kevin and Molly Bilderback

Amanda Blackburn

Pam and Rob Blake

Linda Boakye-Agyemang

Doug and Katharine Bolt

The Brading Family

Bonnie Kalen

Marjorie and Ben Bridges

Amy and Justin Brittain

The Browns

Tony and Amber Brown

Jennifer and Rusty Bryson

Roshena Ham and Owen Bugge

Kyle and Allison Bumgardner

Jason and Elizabeth Burgess

Ryan and Megan Burton

Liza and Jonathan Calder

Donna and Jason Callaway

Jean and Nick Carey

Laura and Peter Carlevatti

Josh and Lara Carson

Stacy and Chris Carter

Robert and Erin Cassell

Jake and Aurora Casteen

Jeff and Christina Chandler

Allan Chapman

Heather and John Cheshire

Elizabeth and Greg Childress

Kevin and Dana Christmas

David & Sarah Clabaugh

Kelly and Nat Clarkson

Anthony and Jennifer Coggins

Russ and Kate Cole

Justin and Michele Cole

Mark & Carrie Colwell

Lowell and Doug Combs

Courtney and Luis Costales

Brian and Jenny Craver

Ginger and Brian Daly

Viet Dam

Katherine and Matt Daniels

Brie and Brian Darcy

Stowe and Hank Demarest

Jas & John Dillard

Annie and Steven Dixon

Chris and Ellie Dobson

Nate and Beth Doolittle

Jenica and Jeff Cook

Jamie Doyle and Sloan Crawford

Rebecca and Mike Drendel

Alec and Jennifer Dryburgh

Michele and Rick Duley

Tom and Tammy Duzan

Chad and Keely Edwards

Doug Ellington & Melissa Bashor

Brittain and Chuck Ellison

Kortny and Corey Ficke

Beth and AJ Fischer

Amy and Jesse Fistner

Cassie Fitz and Tim Fitz

Brad and Lara Fleming

Sean and Jennifer Flynn

Adam and Samantha Foodman

Nick and Natalie Foy

Anna Lauren and Spencer Fresk

Carrie and Chris Frye

Tracey and Alex Galloway

Paul & Lesley Garafola

Rich and Julie Garner

Caroline and Robert Gefaell

Bryan and Jamie Gerrard

Kelly and Tyler Gibson

Charles David Gordon

Tracy Graham

Donald and Lorna Graves

Nathan and Brie Gray

Vanessa and Ryan Greenway

Tonina Grisanti

Sam Grubbs

Patrick and Lauren Gutierrez

Melanie and Michael Guzek

Julianne and Eric Guzik

Hoyt and Alison Hackney

Ryan and Brindley Hale

Grant and Melissa Hamilton

Susan Harden

Sally and Drew Harriss

Dave and Christine Hartter

Sherry Hayden

LIz Hales

Rose and Rich Herring

Sarah and Andrew Hiccox

Rob and Leigh Hickman

Jessica and Vincent Hindman

Farrah and Peter Hofmann

Mary and Jonathan Holland

Pender and John Hollmeyer

Bike and Simon Howard

Robert and Megan Huggins

Jeff and Laura Hughes

Lauren and Nathan Hull

Todd and Sharlina Irwin

Natalie Floyd

Erin and Will Johnston

Tammy and Greg Jones

The Jones Family

Jenny and Neal Jordan

Peter and Liz Kakacek

Kasuganti Family

Victoria Becker

Kris and Carolyn Kellogg

John and Effie Kelly

Debbie Titlestad and Steve Kennen

Ashley & Todd King

Rachel Seymour and Andy Korczynski

Megan Tarr/Jason Korn

Ramina and Payman Kosari

Ann and Neil Lambiotte

Joel Lanik and Teri Shaw

Chris and Liz Leonard

Renata and Caio Lima

Cheryl and John Littlefield

Jenn and Bryan Loeffler

Heather and Bob Lore

Cathy Lowe

Janet and Andy Lundeen

Amber and Phil Lynch

Kathy and Jeremy Martin

Angela & Joshua Mason

Teresa and Phil McCreary

Lynne and Mike McDonald

Jennifer and Bill McDowell

Suzy and Beau McIntosh

Donna and Bill McNairy

Ken and Diane McWilliams

Adina Mehedint

Scot and Susanna Meyer

Susan and Kirk Meyers

Linda and Bill Miller

Miranda and Joshua Miller

Fennis, Marali Miranda

Joshua and Julie Mitzner

Chris and Abbey Moeller

Sanjib and Kathy Mohanty

Kendis Mondell

Jenny and Billy Morton

Mary Lee and Keith Mrochek

Emily and Will Mullinix

Taya and Keith Muncy

Meredith and John Murchison

Kermit and Melissa Murphy

Myers Family

Bob and Julie Nannini

Elizabeth and Rick Newton

Maggie and Mike O’Neill

Sean and Mifflin O’Neill

Steve and Betsy Oliphant

Jonathan & Laura Olson

Rebecca and James Ortega

Jon Owen

Meredith and Walt Parrish

Torey and Travis Parsons

Stefano and Joya Pavesi

Travis and Cara Pearsall

Erika Bono and Dave Pearson

Joe and Beth Person

Adam & Beth Prus

Puri Family

Courtney and John Ramey

Allison and Spencer Rauch

Scott and Jennifer Rea

Courtney and Rex Reynolds

Carlos M Rish MD and Nayla Bitar

Rachel Roff

Dory and Morgan Rogers

Steve & Lindsey Rook

Morgan and Michael Rooney

Tina and Corey Rosensteel

Danielle Levine & Richard Saltrick

Avantika Modi and Sampath Kumar

Wallace and Fran Saunders

Jeff and Jennifer Saxton

Eric and Lisa Seitlin

Matt and Maria Sevigny

Caroline and Mustafa Shah-Khan

Trisha Shattuck and Matthew Walters

Geoff and Erin Shaw

Joni and Josh Shoemake

Emily and Greg Skidmore

Stewart and Ginny Sloan

Betsey and Win Smith

Matthew Smith and Lisa Wood

Alvaro and Lourdes Solis

Anna and Nathan Spanheimer

Jessica and Taylor Stanfield

Eric and Erin Steinberg

Michael & Rebekah Strupe and Family

Taylor and Mary Stukes

Ali and Will Summerville

Mark Sumwalt and Ann Groninger

Darren and Mary Heath Swanson

Katie Smith and Chris Tebbit

Dan and Ivy Tedrick

Andrew and Kiley Thiel

Carter and Kristen Thompson

Laura and Charles Thompson

Jamie Brown and Jeff Tonidandel

Danice Turner

Courtney and Juliet Pate

Dana and Charles Upchurch

Melissa and Derek Utsey

Allison Vail

John and Sarah Valentine

Ross and Brittany Van der Linden

Heather and Cory VanLoocke

Jeremy and Andrea Vann

Ian and Katie Varrassi

Beeland and David Voellinger

Brian and Joanna Wade

Karen and Erik Wagner

Meredith and Don Walker

Mike and Liz Waller

Ryan and Kim Walsh

Shelley and Lou Waple

Chris and Amarja Webb

Michael and Kim Weeks

Sara and Ryan Weiers

Matt and Marita Welch

Rana Daker and Keith Wesolowski

April and Thomas Whitlock

Kathy and Rob Wilder

Aimee and Chris Williams

Brian and Sarah Wilson

Misty and Will Winn

Luciana and Ian Wyatt

Nathan and Raechel Zientek


The NEW Dilworth Staff Supporters

Victoria Becker

Kelyn Blackburn

Nicole and Cory Boyd

Amy Boykin

Sonja Brown

Danny and Stacey Clark

Becky Crawford

The family of Kate Davis, 2nd grade teacher

Lindsay Gibbs

Terry C. Hall

Amy Levy

Nina Fergusson

Amy and Mark McHugh

Arlene Melody

Kristen and Rodney Moore

Ally and Chris Moore

Claire Oleksiak

April Patriarca-Klutz

Joe and Beth Person

Rob and Jamie Speice

Morgan Stapp

Lane & Bret Taylor

Kerry Vreeland

Meghan Weedon

DES Alumni Supporters

Carrie & Josh Allison

John and Claire Herring

Addy Jeffrey

David and Rebecca Klepser

Allison and Mike Malloy

Ann and Ryan Patterson

Brittany Richardson

Caroline and Petar Stamatovich

Community TTS Supporters


Kary, Fred & Christopher Beaman

Tiffany and Jason Bernd

Betsy and Matt Browder

Amy and Kevin Brown

John and Anne Burdette

Betty Burns

Mark and Marguerite Carson

Russ & Krysta Cearley

Dominic and Adrianne Chillemi

Matt and Kim Claxton

Angela Cloninger

Mary Keller and J.D. Costa

Marshall and Max Daniel

Kindl and Scott Detar

Tim and Betsey Dillon

Ken and Meredith Doty

Stephen and Lyles Eddins

Brian and Roberta Fox

Julianna and Taylor French

Betsy and Hansen Grider

Michael and Robin Hearn

Amanda Williams & Michael Henry

Sarah and Scott Herr

Rosemary and Thomas Hess

Rob and Kendall Hoak

Eric and Lindsey Hovey

Garrett & Megan Jenkins

Vickie Johnson

Kent and Bess Kercher

WC and Lois Kirkpartrick

Rebecca and Jay Levell

The Lindberg Family

Jon and Lisa Lindvall

Eric and Jessica Mager

Kristen Martin

PJ & Danielle Martin

John and Heather McCollough

The Mitchell Family

Lindsay and Scott Muns

Mary Murchison

Beth and Tony Murray

Charles and Melinda Piccirillo

Todd Platt

Gus and Teresa Psomadakis

Cyndi and Scott Schumann

Katie Sherman

Mary and John Sholes

James and Beverly Shreve

Marcia Smith

Justin Steinschriber and Kirsten Baldwin

Chris and Katie Swart

Crystal & Matt Thomann Family

Laura Labanik and Michael Tso

Mike and Beth Whitehead

Corporate TTS Sponsors

Superintendent Level ($5000+)

Marsh Properties

Monkee’s of Charlotte

Ram Construction


School Board Sponsorship Level ($3000-4999)

Urban Skin Solutions


Principal Sponsorship Level ($1500-$2999)

Amanda Blackburn, Dickens Mitchener Realtor

Browder Group Real Estate, LLC

Jolie South Dance Academy

Redwood Development Group, LLC

Teacher Sponsorship Level (up to $1499)

Alair Builders

Charlotte Grill

Crepe Cellar/Growler’s Pour House/Haberdish/Reigning Donuts

Blackhawk Hardware

Hopedale Builders

Pike’s Soda Shop

Seitlin Dental

The Tuck Team Realtors at Cottingham Chalk Hayes


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Donor Listing as of: March 9, 2018

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