Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the “Tip the Scales” Campaign:

Why do we need an Annual Campaign for a public school?
The goal of the Tip the Scales annual campaign is to cover expenses that are not included in the CMS budget for Dilworth Elementary School. Fundraisers, such as this campaign, support the additional needs of our teachers and staff, ensuring the best possible academic environment for students at Dilworth. Your financial support will help improve student learning at Dilworth to ensure the very best education for our children.

Where are the Annual Campaign dollars going?
The annual campaign is primarily directed toward supplementing the school with equipment and supplies. Donors are asked to contribute funds directly to the PTA annual campaign fund. All funds are then turned over to the school, with purchasing decisions made by the school administration. The PTA will facilitate the process but will hold no decision-making role. According to NCPTA guidelines, no funds from this campaign can be used for human resources within our school (i.e. providing additional teachers, assistants).

What is different in 2018?
The 2018 campaign is focused on raising funds to support the new Dilworth Elementary School that will launch in the 2018-2019 school year. This new school has an expanded neighborhood reach and includes two campuses. K-2nd grade students will attend the Sedgefield Campus and 3rd – 5th grade students will attend the Latta Campus. Our goal is to make sure the administration of the new school has everything they need to enhance the school improvement plan and the educational experience of every child.

What are some of the areas where funds have been used from prior “Tip the Scales” Campaigns?

• iPads for all classes
• SMART Boards for all classes
• Chromebooks and Chromebook carts
• Document cameras
• Color printers
• Set improvements for musical performances and art education
• The multi-computer research station in the media center
• Books for the Media Center
• Scanners for SMART Boards
• Wireless access for the school
• Leveled reading books to keep in the classrooms for K-2
• Non-fiction reader sets for each grade level
• Science lab resources and upgrades
• PE equipment
• Love and Logic training for faculty members
• Magazine subscriptions for each grade level
• Educational and scholarship support for children at Dilworth
• Interior painting for the school
• Window shade for the media center
• Fencing around the DES playground

When will these campaign dollars be spent?
The campaign dollars will be spent prior to December 31, 2018.

How long do I have to pay my contribution /pledge?
The Tip the Scales campaign closes February 23, 2018

I can’t give a lot; how will my gift make a difference?
We have many places where individual gifts of less than $100 can make a big impact. In fact, it costs an average of $35 to send a student on a field trip and a classroom can receive a subscription to Time for Kids for $125 a year! Our goal is to raise $100,000 in this campaign and every dollar counts! Please give what is meaningful and manageable for your family. All gifts make a difference for our school.

I already volunteer, why should I care about the financial stuff?
We are making sure, as a school community, that we are proactive in serving the educational needs of our children. This includes volunteering as well as participating in fundraising efforts. We want to ensure that each child receives a quality education and that we preserve the current high academic standards we have come to expect at Dilworth Elementary. In order to accomplish this goal, two key areas we must continue to focus on are our volunteer and fundraising efforts. The generosity that our parents have shown with both their volunteer time and financial support has been a tremendous asset for Dilworth. Without this support on an annual basis, Dilworth would not be able to continue to excel and offer the best education for our children.

What methods will I have to give to the Annual Campaign?
You can give by check, cash or via Paypal (click here for the Donation page)
All checks should be made payable to Dilworth PTA and can be mailed to 405 East Park Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203.

Does the Tip the Scales Annual Campaign qualify for matching gifts?
Yes! Dilworth Elementary is a 501(c)(3) and is recognized by matching companies as a charitable entity. Utilizing a corporate matching gifts program is an easy way to increase, and in many cases double, your contribution dollars! Some of the companies that have previously matched gifts to the Tip the Scales campaign include:

• Abbott Labs
• Ally Financial
• Bank of America
• Countrywide
• Duke Energy
• General Electric
• Microsoft
• Premier
• Russell Investments
• Sanofi
• Verizon Wireless
• Wells Fargo

There are many more companies that also have matching gifts programs, so please investigate whether your company provides this support and send all paperwork to the school address at 405 East Park Ave., Charlotte, NC 28203. Use the Dilworth PTA EIN: EIN: 27-2127033
PTA North Carolina Congress. Any questions regarding corporate matching gifts should be directed to Torey Parsons

What is the financial goal of the Tip the Scales Annual Campaign?
Our goal is to raise $100,000 with this campaign. We hope the generosity of our past, current and future parents, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods will help us exceed that goal.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the Annual Campaign?
Feel free to contact campaign chairs April and Thomas Whitlock or Lara and Josh Carson if you have any questions regarding your participation in the Tip the Scales annual campaign. You may also contact any member of the Tip the Scales campaign committee.

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