Bike Safety Tip of the Day: Be sure the bike is ready to ride!

Adjust the Bike to Fit the Rider. The seat height should be adjusted to allow a slight bend at the knee when the leg is fully extended. The handlebar height should be at the same level with the seat.

Check Your Equipment. Make sure the bike's reflectors are secure, the brakes work properly, gears shift smoothly and tires are tightly secured and properly inflated.

If your child has outgrown their bike, donate their old one to Trips For Kids Charlotte and shop their great selection of refurbished bikes while you’re there!

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Bike Safety Tip of the Day: Model safe biking behavior!
Ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against. Stay as far to the right as possible.
Use appropriate hand signals and respect traffic signals, stopping at all stop signs and stop lights.
Don't ride a bicycle when it's dark, in the fog or in other low-visibility conditions (use a light and reflectors if this is unavoidable.)
Wear bright clothing to ensure you are seen by drivers.
Children should ride their bicycles on the sidewalk until they are 10-years-old.

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