Organization & Policies

The Dilworth Elementary PTA is a self-guided unit aligned with the NC PTA and National PTA in its Vision, Mission, and Values. All parents and staff are encouraged to join and actively participate in the PTA activities, events, and meetings.

PTA Vision: Making every child’s potential a reality.

PTA Mission: The overall purpose of the PTA is to be:

  •    A powerful voice for all children,
  •    A relevant resource for families and communities, and
  •    A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

PTA Values: Collaboration, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Inclusivity, Integrity

Organizational Information

Dilworth PTA Organizational Chart 2021-2022

Committee Chair and Executive Board Descriptions

Policies & Procedures

Fundraising Policies & Guidelines

Financial Procedures

Returned Check Policy:

      • A check that is returned to the PTA for insufficient funds or closed account (or any other reason) will incur a service charge equal to the service charge incurred by the PTA.
      • The Treasurer will contact the issuer for payment on the returned check and if payment is not received in a timely fashion, any merchandise and/or services may not be provided.


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