CMS Student Assignment

The Dilworth Elementary PTA is committed to passing on all information provided by CMS regarding the 2017-2018 Student Assignment Review process.    Please remember that this page has come about under tight circumstances.  Updates and additional information will be added as soon as possible by volunteers running the website.   To read the Dilworth Elementary PTA’s full statement on this subject, click here.

Important Meetings and Dates

  • Wednesday, May 24, 2017 CMS Board of Education Meeting 600 East Fourth Street (at the Government Center). Closed session beginning at 5pm and public hearing at 6pm. The vote will take place after the public hearing.

See below for the updated student assignment proposals.



Please click here for the socio-economic status (SES) chart for schools after the student assignment changes.   

Please click here for the presentation from the May 3rd community engagement meeting.

Link for submitting school assignment proposals:

CMS Board Member Contact Information

CMS Facebook Page

CMS Website

Updated Boundary Maps (made available 4/30/17)

Dilworth and Sedgefield Proposed Elementary Schools

Sedgefield and AG Proposed Middle Schools

For additional maps and information click here

CMS SES Discussion

SES and Utilization Criteria (provided to Dilworth Elementary 4/28/17)

Detailed report of the changes with impact on SES and utilization criteria.   Provided by Tara Lynn Sullivan, Community Superintendent – Central Learning Community.  Dilworth information is found on the PDF pages 50, 52, and 86. 

K-2 and 3-5 Examples  (provided to Dilworth Elementary 4/28/17)

Provided by Tara Lynn Sullivan, Community Superintendent – Central Learning Community, for examples of schools using the K-2 and 3-5 configuration:

Morrison Brandon 

Ferndale Schools

Cabarrus County K-2

Cabbarrus County 3-5

Message from Mrs. Hall on 4/26/17

CMS Phase II Proposal

CMS 2017-2018 Student Assignment Review