Dilworth/Sedgefield Transition


Please click here to view the  CMS Sedgefield Middle School Newsletter, for current updates on the Sedgefield Middle School Plan.  We encourage everyone, including those only interested in elementary school, to view this letter and sign up for CMSListens.  This will enable you to receive frequent updates from CMS as well as ask questions and provide feedback regarding the student assignment changes.

Sedgefield Middle School Target State Document.  The goal of this document is to formalize a strong and clear vision for the new Sedgefield Middle school and outline the criteria necessary to execute that vision by the 2019-2020 School Year.  This document was designed to unify our communities with a powerful, singular voice and to maintain focus and accountability from the District and the School Board.

Segefield Middle School Transition overview.  This document was designed to explain and illustrate the changes that will take place over the next five years of transition at Sedgefield Middle school. It uses graphics to create a very easy to understand overview of the resulting demographics at the New Sedgefield Middle School.  This presentation was created by a parent but the content was confirmed by CMS.

Grandfathering Clarification.  This easy to follow document outlines the grandfathering provision that will impact current 5th graders whose home school in 2018-2019 will be AG as well as current 6th and 7th graders at AG who feed from DES.

February 1st Principal Chat Notes  – On February 1st, Principal Erik Turner hosted a Principal Chat in our media center.  This targeted third and fourth grade families.  These are the notes from that meeting.

Transportation Consensus Document – The consensus statement from the Dilworth Elementary, Eastover Elementary, MPTS, Sedgefield Neighborhood and Sedgefield Middle School representatives supports Principal Turner’s request to move to an earlier bell schedule in order to better recruit high quality teachers and faculty.  This request was submitted to Tara Sullivan as a sign of broad community support for this change.

September 2018 – Please click here to see the progress that was made over the summer at Sedgefield Middle School, learn more about new hires, to include a new AP from Piedmont Middle School, and ways to get involved.

May 14th Community Session – On May 14th, CMS hosted the final community session for 2018.  In this session, Dr. Wilcox spoke and made several important commitments to strengthen the middle school throughout the years of transition.  Please view a recap of the commitments that were made (click here).

  • CMS provided teacher EVAAS data that illustrated SMS teacher performance.  The data set looks at 2016 growth, but only includes teacher data from teachers who were teaching at SMS 2017-2018 (click here).
  • Principal Turner has a brief update (click here) and he provided a curriculum guide (click here).

March 20th Community Session – On March 20th, CMS and Principal Turner hosted a community wide session targeting families transitioning to Sedgefield Middle School.   The following documents were reviewed at this meeting:

  • Principal Turner’s overview of his plans to-date for the transition (click here).
  • CMS provided an updated data reflecting the demographic change over the transition years (click here).
  • CMS provided a response to the Target State Document that was submitted by communities impacted with the reassignment plan (click here).


The Dilworth PTA has created a middle school Transition Committee.  This team is seeking all members of our community who want to be actively involved in the development and implementation of the plans for the schools.  Feel free to contact the co-chairs with any questions.

  • Middle School Co-Chairs:  Meredith Murchison and Jenn Loeffler
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