2019-2020 PTA Executive Board

Kim Walsh, President
Kim Walsh has served on the Executive Board for two years as VP of Marketing & Communications, President-Elect, and VP of Parent & Student Support.  She has been a Room Parent each year, and regularly volunteers in the classroom and at school functions.  Kim previously co-chaired the Yearbook Committee.  This fall, she will have a second and fourth grader at Dilworth, and a sixth grader in middle school.
Jennifer Rea, President-Elect and VP of Marketing & Communications
Jennifer Rea is enjoying her third year as a Dilworth parent and volunteer.  This year she served as VP of Parent & Student Support.  She has served as a Service Learning Committee Co-Chair for the past two years and was previously Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee and a Room Parent.  Jennifer frequently volunteers with the InReach Committee, as a classroom volunteer, and has volunteered for many school events including the Dragon Daughter Dance, DragonFest, and Beginners’ Day.  Her daughter will be a third grader in the fall.
Dana Upchurch, Secretary
Dana Upchurch has been a Dilworth parent for the past five years.  She volunteers in the school office at both campuses and has served as a Room Parent each year.  Dana has taught Character Education, served on the InReach committee, volunteered weekly in the classroom, and helped with making copies for teachers.  She enjoys chaperoning class trips and volunteering at school functions.  Dana will have a fifth and second grader in the fall.
Jenn Loeffler, VP of Fundraising
Jenn Loeffler has served on the PTA Executive Board at Dilworth for four years as VP of Parent & Student Support, VP of Fundraising, President, and Past President.  Jenn has co-chaired Outreach, New Families, Son-day Bowling, Career Day, Prospective Parents, and Tip the Scales.  She volunteers often in her children’s classrooms and has served as the Room Parent for her children’s classes every year.  Jenn is also the cochair of the Sedgefield Middle School transition team.  Jenn will have a fifth grader, third grader, and kindergartener in the fall.
Jenny Morton, VP of Parent & Student Support
Jenny Morton has been a parent and volunteer at Dilworth for the past five years.  She is currently the Treasurer as well as Chair of the Student Recognition Committee, and a kindergarten Room Parent.  In the past, Jenny has chaired the New Parents Committee and been involved with many Dilworth committees including DragonFest, Book Fair, Media Center, Field Day, Beginners’ Day, Green Team, and Dilworth Open House.  Jenny will have a fifth grader, third grader, and first grader in the fall.
Ginny Sloan, VP of Staff Support
Ginny Sloan has loved being part of the Dilworth Elementary community for the past five years.  She has served as co-chair for Character Ed, SPARK, and Career Day.  Ginny enjoys opportunities to help out in the classroom, as a chaperone on field trips, and volunteering with various committees.  Ginny has two daughters that will be in fifth and second grade next year.
Bill Miller, Treasurer
Bill Miller has been a volunteer at Dilworth Elementary for the past six years, having served on the Tip the Scales campaign, chaperoned field trips, taught Character Education, and been a Mystery Reader, and math tutor.  This past year, he served as Financial Secretary on the PTA Board.  He is the proud parent of two wonderful girls, one who will be in the sixth grade at Sedgefield Middle School, and the other who will be a third grade Dragon next year.
Lara Carson, Financial Secretary
Lara Carson has been a parent and volunteer at Dilworth for the past seven years.  She has previously served on the Executive Board as Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and VP of Fundraising.  Additionally, she has co-chaired the Outreach Committee, InReach Committee, and Tip the Scales fundraising campaign Committee.  Lara also enjoys volunteering in the classroom and helping with Beginners’ Day, Book Fair, and Staff Appreciation.  This fall, Lara will have a second grader, sixth grader, seventh grader, and a college student.

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